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Local Scallop Meat - Pacific Bay
Mida Food Local Scallop Meat
From ₱478
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Chicken Leg Quarters - Pacific BayChicken Leg Quarters - Pacific Bay
Mida Food Chicken Leg Quarters
Pork Belly (Liempo) Sliced - Pacific BayPork Belly (Liempo) Sliced - Pacific Bay
Mida Food Pork Belly (Liempo) Sliced
From ₱306
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Premium Ground Beef - Pacific Bay
Mida Food Premium Ground Beef
Kitayama Grade 4 Wagyu Burger Patties - Pacific Bay
Save 24%
Regular Cream Dory Fillets - Pacific Bay
Mida Food Regular Cream Dory Fillets
₱144 ₱190
Ground Pork - Pacific Bay
Mida Food Ground Pork
From ₱226
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Premium Beef Burger Patties - Pacific BayPremium Beef Burger Patties - Pacific Bay
Chicken Fingers - Pacific BayChicken Fingers - Pacific Bay
Mida Food Chicken Fingers
Pork Lacone (Pata) Chops - Pacific BayPork Lacone (Pata) Chops - Pacific Bay
Mida Food Pork Lacone (Pata) Chops
From ₱289
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US Short Ribs - Pacific BayUS Short Ribs - Pacific Bay
Mida Food US Short Ribs
US Samgyupsal Shortplate - Pacific BayUS Samgyupsal Shortplate - Pacific Bay
USDA Tenderloin Fillet Mignon - Pacific Bay
Garlic Butter Naan Bread - Pacific Bay
Unagi Kabayaki - Pacific BayUnagi Kabayaki - Pacific Bay
Mida Food Unagi Kabayaki
Frozen Turonitos with Jackfruit - Pacific BayFrozen Turonitos with Jackfruit - Pacific Bay
Essential Fine Food Smoked Bacon - Pacific Bay
Tako Sushi Slices (Octopus) - Pacific BayTako Sushi Slices (Octopus) - Pacific Bay
Pork Spare Ribs Sliced - Pacific BayPork Spare Ribs Sliced - Pacific Bay
Atlantic Salmon Kirimi Cut (Japanese Cut) - Pacific BayAtlantic Salmon Kirimi Cut (Japanese Cut) - Pacific Bay
Korean Beef BBQ - Pacific Bay
Mida Food Korean Beef BBQ
Bacolod Chorizo Recado Garlicky Flavour - Pacific Bay

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