Pacific Bay™ is meticulously designed with that home cook in mind. It is perfectly packaged and portioned to suit the needs of a home kitchen. Easy to store, easy to cook, Pacific Bay ™ practically does all the work for the home cook.

We are available in major supermarkets nationwide, and now online within Metro Manila.

Pacific Bay pays special attention to traceability, certifications, sustainability, and environmental impact. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

We provide home cooks with a selection of authentic and top grade food from meticulously chosen suppliers.

The wide variety of products offered by Pacific Bay suits any budget and any occasion. One might choose Pacific Bay for simple daily meals, or for special occasions.  Together with our affiliate brands, our goal is to provide restaurant quality food directly to your door.

Do you need to discuss wholesale? We are part of Mida Food, one of the largest frozen distributors in The Philippines.  Please email us for more information