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Sourdough Bread - Pacific Bay
Go.Eats Sourdough Bread
Mini French Baguette - Pacific Bay
Go.Eats Mini French Baguette
Ciabatta Bread - Pacific BayCiabatta Bread - Pacific Bay
Go.Eats Ciabatta Bread
Focaccia with rosemary - Pacific BayFocaccia with rosemary - Pacific Bay
Focaccia plain - Pacific BayFocaccia plain - Pacific Bay
Go.Eats Focaccia plain
Bread Pudding with Vanilla Sauce - Pacific BayBread Pudding with Vanilla Sauce - Pacific Bay
BBQ Chicken Flat Bread - Pacific BayBBQ Chicken Flat Bread
Go.Eats BBQ Chicken Flat Bread
Flatbread Pizza Kit - Pacific BayFlatbread Pizza Kit - Pacific Bay
Go.Eats Flatbread Pizza Kit

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