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Beef Shank - Pacific BayBeef Shank - Pacific Bay
Mida Food Beef Shank
Flatbread Pizza Kit - Pacific BayFlatbread Pizza Kit - Pacific Bay
Go.Eats Flatbread Pizza Kit
BBQ Chicken Flat Bread - Pacific BayBBQ Chicken Flat Bread
Go.Eats BBQ Chicken Flat Bread
Beef Caldereta Cut (Kaldereta)Beef Caldereta Cut (Kaldereta) - Pacific Bay
Milkfish in Olive Oil - Pacific Bay
Smoked Cheddar Cheese - Pacific Bay
Smokeyard Smoked Cheddar Cheese
Save 10%
Breast Cut Ups with FREE Chicken Soup Base Mix - Pacific Bay
Italian Seasoning - Pacific Bay
McCormick Italian Seasoning
Agemono Fry Set - Tempura - Pacific Bay
Agemono Fry Set - Karaage - Pacific Bay
Iodized Salt - Pacific Bay
McCormick Iodized Salt
Curry Powder - Pacific Bay
McCormick Curry Powder


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Peeled Shrimp Medium - Pacific BayPeeled Shrimp Medium - Pacific Bay
Pacific Bay Peeled Shrimp Medium
From ₱489
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Salmon Fillet Portion - Pacific BaySalmon Fillet Portion - Pacific Bay
Pacific Bay Salmon Fillet Portion
From ₱386
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White Clams - Pacific BayWhite Clams - Pacific Bay
Pacific Bay White Clams
From ₱150
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Cream Dory Fillet - Pacific BayCream Dory Fillet - Pacific Bay
Pacific Bay Cream Dory Fillet
From ₱99
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Salmon Sashimi (Chilled) - Pacific BaySalmon Sashimi (Chilled) - Pacific Bay
Salmon Portions (Chilled) - Pacific BaySalmon Portions (Chilled) - Pacific Bay
Smoked Salmon - Pacific BaySmoked Salmon - Pacific Bay
Pacific Bay Smoked Salmon
From ₱171
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Salmon Steak - Pacific BaySalmon Steak - Pacific Bay
Pacific Bay Salmon Steak
From ₱306
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Save 26%
Nobashi Shrimp Medium (For Tempura) - Pacific Bay
Pacific Bay Nobashi Shrimp Medium (For Tempura)
From ₱219 ₱297
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Jumbo Shrimp - Pacific BayJumbo Shrimp - Pacific Bay
Pacific Bay Jumbo Shrimp
From ₱350
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Premium Tuna Belly - Pacific BayPremium Tuna Belly - Pacific Bay
Pacific Bay Premium Tuna Belly
From ₱120
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Thigh Fillet Cut Ups - Pacific Bay
Breast Fillet Cut Ups - Pacific Bay
Chicken Leg Quarters - Pacific BayChicken Leg Quarters - Pacific Bay
Wing Cut Ups - Pacific Bay
Bounty Fresh Wing Cut Ups
Bounty Fresh Premium Chicken (neckless) - Pacific Bay
Premium Ground Beef - Pacific BayPremium Ground Beef - Pacific Bay
Kitayama Grade 4 Wagyu Burger Patties - Pacific Bay
Whole Chicken Young & Tender (Neck On) - Pacific Bay
Breast Cut Ups - Pacific Bay
Bounty Fresh Breast Cut Ups
Swift Delicious Bacon - Pacific Bay
Swift Swift Delicious Bacon
From ₱156
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Premium Beef Burger Patties - Pacific BayPremium Beef Burger Patties - Pacific Bay


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Full Cream Milk - Pacific Bay
Emborg Full Cream Milk
Salted Butter - Pacific Bay
Emborg Salted Butter
Mozzarella Shredded - Pacific BayMozzarella Shredded - Pacific Bay
Emborg Mozzarella Shredded
From ₱229
Low Fat Milk - Pacific Bay
Emborg Low Fat Milk
Brie - Pacific Bay
Emborg Brie
Cream Cheese - Pacific Bay
Emborg Cream Cheese
Unsalted Butter - Pacific Bay
Emborg Unsalted Butter
Mozzarella Portion - Pacific Bay
Emborg Mozzarella Portion
Camembert Cheese - Pacific Bay
Emborg Camembert Cheese
Danablu Cheese - Pacific Bay
Emborg Danablu Cheese


From sourdough to naan, chocolates to lava cakes, brownies to pizza, we've got your carbs covered.



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Ardo Rainbow Rice Veggies - Pacific Bay
Farmer Best Frozen Whole Strawberries - Pacific Bay
Ardo Bio Organic Broccoli Florets - Pacific Bay
UnMeat Hungarian Sausage - Pacific BayUnMeat Hungarian Sausage - Pacific Bay
UnMeat Burger Patties - Pacific BayUnMeat Burger Patties - Pacific Bay
UnMeat UnMeat Burger Patties
Ardo Bio Organic Spinach Leaf Portions - Pacific Bay
Ardo Bio Organic Cauliflower Florets - Pacific Bay
Sliced Mushrooms - Pacific Bay
Emborg Sliced Mushrooms
UnMeat Nuggets - Pacific BayUnMeat Nuggets - Pacific Bay
UnMeat UnMeat Nuggets
Ardo Butternut Squash - Pacific Bay
Ardo Ardo Butternut Squash
From ₱160
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Frozen Turonitos with Jackfruit - Pacific BayFrozen Turonitos with Jackfruit - Pacific Bay
UnMeat Giniling - Pacific BayUnMeat Giniling - Pacific Bay
UnMeat UnMeat Giniling